So, that happened…

So, works been different… I’m looking at a promotion at work. One of the big bosses came in the other night too. Nerve racking to say the least.

The strange thing is that I wasn’t nervous at all before the evening and even knowing the day before. Once I saw the guy the nerves decided to say “Helooooo!”

There he was with my boss sat in full view watching what I was doing and scrutinising me. Then they both decided to COME UP AND STAND RIGHT BESIDE ME!

Oddly enough though it actually made me feel less nervous. And after the “main part” of the evenings proceedings he was still sat in full view for the rest of the night.

Now you may think that having them sit in full view and watching me all night might make me a gibbering, gelatinous mess for the duration but after the first half of the “main part” (there’s a break and we go back for the second half of the “main part”) I wasn’t feeling nervous at all funnily enough.

Best of all I had virtually rave reviews from my boss. As I hear it, super impressed.

That’s good news right?
Or is it bad news as I now have to -live-up-to-expectations-I-may-not-be-able-to-maintain-with-a-chance-that-I’ll-end-up-having-a-paranoia-induced-schism-brought-on-by-the-constant-fear-of-failure!


My point being that what with always viewing myself as “not very good” at anything I put my hand to and then finding out that I am actually good at something now is a bit like discovering that you


Now exiting dry dock

Hi guys!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted and it’s primarily because of life. Lots of work and a few hiccups of life.

With the addition of an Xbox One and a new TV my wife losing her job is probably not the best thing to happen.

Now I have a liking for tabletop games! More money to spend but at least there’s something to do. Not only that, now that we’ve got an Xbox One we do have access to multiplayer games and free ones from Xbox Live.

All of that doesn’t help stress levels. Being tired and trying to think of starting a family and trying to figure out how to pay the bills. We desperately want to start a family together. We’ve been feeling broody for some time now. The problem is we don’t want to do it without the right environment. That means having money and not worrying about where it all gonna come from.

But I suppose there are people having children all the time with little to nearly nothing to their names.

That should be encouraging shouldn’t it? The fact that if we, a loving couple with older fashioned ideals and ideas on raising children (the way we were) as opposed to a lot of the “other” ways we’ve seen children raised.

I want to be a father. I want to raise a child or two. To be a dad. Be the kind of parent mine were. I doubt I’ll be able to provide EVERYTHING that my parents did for me but I suppose all I can hope is that I live up to expectations.

I have a lot of love and I cannot love my wife enough. Every time I think of having children with her if makes me fell “all warm inside”. It brings a smile to my face and I cannot wait.

I suppose John Lennon May have Ben right. All you need is love… Mostly…

Make it so!

The Perils Of Equality

I’ve just read an article on the depiction of women in games. While I do agree that there are a lot of games out there that overly sexualise women I think that it good to see more realistic women in games. Now, I like a well rounded bosom as much a the next man but as a gamer who thirsts for a decent story, I very much prefer well rounded and strong characters. I’m not talking about the overly-headstrong-I-don’t-need-a-man type of strong but the more realistic type of strong. Strong female characters work really well if done right. Look at the new tomb raider or Anya from GoW. There’s nothing wrong with their sexy side either. Well balanced and situationally relevant…people. On another note, one thing I am concerned about is the potential for the Fascist Feminists bulldozing through. I welcome game characters of all races, species and sexes as well as I do gamers of all types (apart from douchgamers) and there is a balance that dose need addressing when it come to the portrayal of women in games but there’s no need wave the over zealous flag about. Fair treatment and opportunity… Yes… Destroying true equality because you’re pissed off? That not fighting for women’s rights, that’s exercising your right to be annoyed and loud about it… Just don’t do it politically unless you’ve got a true solution that benefits everyone. *cue the barrage of criticism coming my way?*

Make it so!

6 on, 1 off – Act 3, Scene 6

Stone Roses – Fools Gold. LAST DAY!!! I got The Download Festival in about 2-3 weeks. I’m on my last day of 6-on 12h shifts. Going out tonight. All set. Just got to get through the day. Bring it on!!!

And scene. . .

6 on, 1 off – Act 3, Scene 5

Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven. Great track for a good start to the morning. Wide awake and still buzzing. My heels are sore though. That’ll be 6 days on. Too many in a row. Only one more day! Bring it on!!!

And scene. . .

6 on, 1 off – Act 3, Scene 4

Linkin Park – Lying From You. Another busy day. Not much going on really but still wide awake!!! Bring it on!!!

And scene. . .

6 on, 1 off – Act 3, Scene 3

Dio – Rock And Roll Children
Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me. A start to behold. Awake. Los and Keith on Kerrang. An awesome Rock & Roll years today. 1985. A good day actually. Happy and awake all day. With a… Great Finish… Bring it on!!

And Scene. . .