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Just as a side note to today’s proceedings: I sometimes wonder how some people live their lives the way they do.

Some people just HAVE to have the last word. Some people just HAVE to be right. And when they actually are proven right, they have this smug, closed lipped, fake smile that goes from eye to eye.

Sore winners.

So they have nothing better in their lives but to be (only in their mind’s) the bestest and brightest dim light bulb in the bunch? The world is full of dim bulbs and you’re no better than the rest of us. There may be a few brighter… but you’re not them. Not by a long shot.

Make it so!


The perils of being human

Often you meet people you think are alright. You have a few conversations with them and you get on just fine.

Then you find out what they’ve done but because of where you work, you can’t avoid or ignore them. How do you deal with that?

I can be accepting and if need be I can fake it. But faking it with someone like that just makes me feel slimey and unclean. Does that make a bad person? Or does that just make me human?

All I know is I just DON’T know how to figure it out. Perils of being human?

Make it so!

Back again

Back to work again today after two weeks off. Its strange that after 14 days its like coming back to normality… it doesn’t feel like work though… strange that really… it’s just another part of my life…

Make it so!


I sometimes wonder what good timing is. Is it how to know when? How? Or how long? Is it nick-of-time? Or is it knowing the difference between too soon and TOO soon? I guess it’s down to the time-r and the time-e…

Make it so!

The swayability of man

We travel through life being bombarded with adverts and commercials intended to change how we feel… but watch a film that plays on psychology and that’ll do it.

Then after said film when ur creeped out… you watch a comedy and it all changes again.

What an un-intenionally fickle bunch we homosapiens are. Or maybe we just have the attention span of a Gibbon with Attention Deficit Dis-SQUIRREL!

Make it so!

Right or privilege?

Its funny how just because someone is able to father a child or carry one to term that they think it is their RIGHT to be in their children’s lives.

I’m of the opinion that it should be seen as a PRIVILEGE to take care of a child and in later life to be in their lives when they are making decisions for themselves.

They may WANT to be in their lives but it’s something that must be earned or earned back if lost.

Make it so!


I tend to find that love has it’s own way of life seperate to our own. It likes to surprise you when you least expect it.

Often with the wrong person… but every now and then it gets it right and waves it in your face like an over excited puppy that actually brought back the stick this time instead of a dead bird.

“LOOK! LOOK! I GOT IT RIGHT THIS TIME!” *drool-slobber-drool-wet-tail-in-the-face*

Make it so!