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Slowing Down or Getting Older?

You go through life so fast these days. Working hard, playing hard broken up only by a couple of hours of sleep before heading off to work again with a smile. But as I’ve gotten older and settled down a bit more I’ve seen a slower side of things. Carvery with the missus and friends. Is it that I’m getting older or am I merely enjoying some of the finer things in life? Or is it maybe a bit of both? All I know is that I like it.

Make it so!


Integrity? One isle back. . .

Throwaway tag lines and abbreviations, “new” fashion styles and classifications, watering down of heavier, more passionate genres of interest in an attempt to assimilate them into the more profitable “mainstream”. Why can’t they just leave well alone. Let us have and keep our integrity. And stupid sayings like “yolo”… FUCK OFF!!! We never HAD those sorts of things when I grew up. Faddy sayings. You had one it was probably from history. Carpe DieM NOT yolo. Use some intelligence…

Make it so!


They say when it comes to friends “quality is better thanks quantity”… I’m inclined to agree. I recently got back in touch with someone who has been there when I needed him… he’s here now too when I don’t “need” him. That’s a cool thing. Everyone needs someone around but other times its nice to have a friend that’s around because you want him to be. Someone who’s like a brother. They say you can’t choose your family. . . They’ve got that right…

Make it so!

New Life

We’ve received some bad news. Tara, Kelley’s dog of 13 years died the other day. She slipped away quietly in her sleep. The funny thing is we just got two adorable little kittens. Brother and sister. They don’t replace her and will never. But they do help. Running around like little furry Exocet Missiles and making me “ow!”. Talia and Lana. . . We love them and I honestly don’t think we would be without them although we’ve only had them a few days. So maybe life just throws you curve balls and then smiles and says “just messing” and gives you a basket of breathing, purring, clawing, zooming fun…

Make it so!

This And That

I find I sometimes can’t sleep for the life of me. And so I then find myself blogging… may have been a while but I’m sure something exciting might come along at some point. Life’s a bit odd like that.

I’m laying here in bed with my girl breathing next to me and I can’t sleep.

Make it so!