I’ve just read an article on the depiction of women in games. While I do agree that there are a lot of games out there that overly sexualise women I think that it good to see more realistic women in games. Now, I like a well rounded bosom as much a the next man but as a gamer who thirsts for a decent story, I very much prefer well rounded and strong characters. I’m not talking about the overly-headstrong-I-don’t-need-a-man type of strong but the more realistic type of strong. Strong female characters work really well if done right. Look at the new tomb raider or Anya from GoW. There’s nothing wrong with their sexy side either. Well balanced and situationally relevant…people. On another note, one thing I am concerned about is the potential for the Fascist Feminists bulldozing through. I welcome game characters of all races, species and sexes as well as I do gamers of all types (apart from douchgamers) and there is a balance that dose need addressing when it come to the portrayal of women in games but there’s no need wave the over zealous flag about. Fair treatment and opportunity… Yes… Destroying true equality because you’re pissed off? That not fighting for women’s rights, that’s exercising your right to be annoyed and loud about it… Just don’t do it politically unless you’ve got a true solution that benefits everyone. *cue the barrage of criticism coming my way?*

Make it so!