So, works been different… I’m looking at a promotion at work. One of the big bosses came in the other night too. Nerve racking to say the least.

The strange thing is that I wasn’t nervous at all before the evening and even knowing the day before. Once I saw the guy the nerves decided to say “Helooooo!”

There he was with my boss sat in full view watching what I was doing and scrutinising me. Then they both decided to COME UP AND STAND RIGHT BESIDE ME!

Oddly enough though it actually made me feel less nervous. And after the “main part” of the evenings proceedings he was still sat in full view for the rest of the night.

Now you may think that having them sit in full view and watching me all night might make me a gibbering, gelatinous mess for the duration but after the first half of the “main part” (there’s a break and we go back for the second half of the “main part”) I wasn’t feeling nervous at all funnily enough.

Best of all I had virtually rave reviews from my boss. As I hear it, super impressed.

That’s good news right?
Or is it bad news as I now have to -live-up-to-expectations-I-may-not-be-able-to-maintain-with-a-chance-that-I’ll-end-up-having-a-paranoia-induced-schism-brought-on-by-the-constant-fear-of-failure!


My point being that what with always viewing myself as “not very good” at anything I put my hand to and then finding out that I am actually good at something now is a bit like discovering that you